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About Us


Our Story

Stun City Florida offers powerful, affordable, non-lethal electronic protection. Since 2009, we have been researching, designing and manufacturing state of the art electronic weapons. Our X-series flashlight stun devices are ideal for students, law enforcement, security detail or anyone else that demands quality and discreet electronic protection. Our commercial duty X-series line has been designed to discharge maximum amperage levels into your attacker. Please be aware, our product still remains illegal in 6 states. Be sure to check with your local law enforcement should you have questions before placing your order.


Best Warranty in The Industry

All of our X-series devices come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Our Warranty is by far the best in the industry. Your device will be immediately replaced in the event of accidental damage, battery malfunction, water damage, theft and more. Our Lifetime Replacement Warranty should be carefully considered when looking at less expensive, similar self-defense products. Keep in mind, most electronic devices will eventually fail at some point during their lifetime. Rest assured, our Warranty Support Team is the best! Purchase your device from us and we promise to stand behind our product for as long as you own your device. 


Designed in Southwest Florida

Our SCF products are designed and engineered right here in Southwest Florida. Our X-series internal components and battery pack systems are sourced here in the United States, then sent overseas for production and final assembly. Each of our products are individually tested/inspected and packaged at our local Florida facility to ensure maximum quality control. Stun City Florida is proud to operate as a trusted American business, keeping current with electronic weapon rules and regulations. We proudly support our local and state law enforcement. It will be our pleasure to provide you with the best electronic defense on the market.